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Baia de Hanne, Senegal

The problem

This project takes the first steps to initiate the clean up of the most polluted region of Senegal – Hann Bay. The bay wraps around the industrial zone of the city of Dakar, Senegal. It is highly populated area, with local residents bathing in the water, and numerous fishing boats along the crowded shore. Industrial pollution along the banks from 1968 – 1997 has rendered the bay exceedingly toxic. This work will fund and support a group both within the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Environment to create a credible implementation plan that will install an industrial waste treatment plan for the factories of the Hann region. Once the effluent treatment plant is in operation, work can begin to remediate legacy contamination from historical toxins.

Current Activity

By identifying all relevant stakeholders and establishing offices within the Ministries, an Implementation Plan will be drafted in the first year. The plan will outline all aspects of the remediation work, including the location and preliminary engineering requirements of the effluent treatment plant, a full costing for the construction and operation, as well as a scope of work for the remediation of legacy contamination in the canal and bay. This plan will be submitted to multilateral development agencies such as the World Bank, who has already voiced their commitment to funding this project.
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Dakar, Senegal
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